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Chocolate Fountain Fantasies uses Sephra Chocolate Fountains exclusively. Sephra Chocolate Fountains are the best chocolate fondue fountains on the market. Sephra Chocolate Fountains are more expensive than our competitor's chocolate fountain, but we wouldn't want to sacrifice the quality that a Sephra Chocolate Fountain would add to your event!

Chocolate Fountain Fantasies uses Sephra Premium Fondue Chocolate by Callebaut exclusively. This is the best chocolate available for chocolate fountains today. The reason that this chocolate is better than our competitor's chocolate is because there is no need to add oil to the chocolate. The Sephra Chocolate Fountain will heat up the chocolate warmer than our competitor's fountain. So the chocolate will melt on it's own. Whereas our competitors need to add oil or who knows what in order to thin out their chocolate!!!

Chocolate Fountain Fantasies always comes with a courteous, formally-attired professional. They will set up, deliver, and maintain the chocolate fountain throughout your event. With over 19 years of experience in the wedding and events business, we'll be sure to make your event a memorable success. With one phone call, your Chocolate Fantasies will be fulfilled! It's our "Service" that makes us SUPERIOR! This isn't a florist/chocolate fountain rental company or a party rental/chocolate fountain rental company. Chocolate Fountain Fantasies specializes in chocolate fountains...we do one thing, and we do it right. Would you call your doctor to fix your plumbing??? We would hope not. Trust the professionals at Chocolate Fountain Fantasies.

We are fully licensed and insured.